About Us


Saguaro AUV has been active in the engineering and robotics community since 2013. Our association is managed by a team of students from the University of Arizona, whose skills vary in every aspect. Each year, it is the goal of the Saguaro AUV to enter a homegrown autonomous vehicle into the international AUVSI RoboSub competition, all while providing our members with an invaluable, hands-on learning experience. The 2019 season marks Saguaro AUV`s sixth time traveling to San Diego, CA to compete in the AUVSI RoboSub competition. There we will test our skills against teams from around the world in challenges that will prove the quality of our sub.

The Team at a Glance

Code on Laptop Computer



The software sub-team is responsible for bringing the mechanical and electrical subsystems to life using Robot Operating System (ROS),  Python, C++, & more!

Team Lead: Chris Bullivant

Email: cwbullivant@email.arizona.edu




The electrical sub-team works on creating the electrical interface between the mechanical operations and the software systems, which run the AUV.

Team Lead: Charles Penny

Email: charlespenny@email.arizona.edu




The mechanical sub-team designs & builds the robot’s mechanical components to satisfy the electrical & software requirements as well as the RoboSub rules.

Team Lead: Kenneth Werrell

Email: kwerrell@email.arizona.edu

Club Management

Utzinger, Urs.jpg

Club Advisor

Dr. Urs Utzinger

Associate Department Head for Biomedical Engineering Undergraduate Affairs

Contact Information: utzinger@email.arizona.edu



Shannon McCoy

Major: Electrical and Computer Engineering

Contact Information: shannonmccoy@email.arizona.edu


Vice President

Charles Penny

Major:  Electrical & Computer Engineering

Contact Information: charlespenny@email.arizona.edu

"I'm interested in joining, but I have no experience!"

Fear Not!

Most members enter Saguaro AUV with no hands-on engineering experience. In fact, that is what we are designed to do: give students hands-on learning opportunities in engineering and robotics! Through Saguaro AUV, members can become more familiar with the engineering design process, while at the same time build teamwork and leadership skills.